Our Services

We provide therapy for those who are seeking:

  • strategies to manage stress in healthy ways.

  • more control over emotions.

  • Comprehensive DBT Programs for adolescents or adults.

  • DBT for Substance Use Disorders.

  • mindfulness instruction.

  • freedom from the clutches of substances.

  • control over suicidal thoughts or self-harm urges.

  • improved teen-parent relationships.

  • therapy for children or adolescents.

  • more fulfilling relationships.

  • recovery from domestic violence or painful relationships.

  • improvement in symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

  • decreased tendency to act on impulsive urges or intense emotions.

  • management of school-related stressors.

  • healing from traumatic experiences.

  • coping skillfully with challenging life events.

  • managing chronic illness or chronic pain.

  • building a life worth living after a major life change (death of loved one, job change, divorce, new disability or illness, losses, identity changes).

  • managing stress of professional occupations (such as: teachers, nurses, first responders, physicians, probation officers), including the stresses unique to being an "essential worker" during a global pandemic.

  • treatment tailored to concerns of veterans.

  • court-ordered mental health treatment.

  • mental health guidance coping with the legal system.

  • support groups.

  • anxiety management classes.

  • classes to learn crisis management skills.

Treatment for Veterans and First Responders

  • Therapists in both offices (Ashley, Cari, Kai, Kathy) have specialized training and experience in working with veterans and first responders. Among our therapists, we have many decades of personal and professional experience in matters that are unique to veterans and first responders. We are aware of the unique experiences and concerns you have that are not shared by the general population.

  • For veterans, we accept referrals from your community care case manager at the VA (Department of Veteran Affairs). However, a referral is not required for treatment should you wish to contact us of your own accord. We are in-network with TriWest and UHC-VACCN. To get started, either call our intake number (815.575.9675) or ask your community care case manager to make an outside referral.

  • If you are a law enforcement officer, paramedic, or fire fighter, call our intake number directly. We will walk beside you on your journey to a more peaceful life. 

Evidence Based Treatment & Approaches

After a thorough clinical assessment, your therapist will work with you to develop a therapeutic program to achieve your goals through the use of evidence based treatments. These programs use strategies that have proven efficacy and are based on scientific research. 

Treatment Approaches:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • DBT Prolonged Exposure

  • Cognitive Reprocessing Therapy

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