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Telehealth Services

We are continuing to offer the option of virtual (telehealth) sessions. Recent laws in Illinois require Medicare and fully funded commercial insurance to cover telehealth services in the same manner as a regular session. It is still recommended that you contact your health insurance to verify that your plan complies with this law, as "self-funded" policies with benefits selected by the employer may have opted out of this benefit, and are not under the jurisdiction of the Department of Insurance.

Send us an email               (, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request an appointment. 

What do I need if I want Telehealth sessions?

You will need a smart phone, tablet or computer with access to your email. 

Is it confidential? 

Yes. For these services, we use an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant secure video platform that has real-time captioning. No one else can access your session. The sessions are not recorded. Unlike platforms offered by an insurance company, your insurance company has no access to our platform and no ability to access our session contents. Unlike therapy sessions that are now offered through apps, there is no transcript of your appointment.

What about groups and classes?

All group sessions were moved to our video platform in early March 2020 and will continue as virtual sessions as long as recommended. 

I do not have access to broadband internet.

We provide free internet in our parking lot and throughout our office. If you have a smartphone with no or limited internet access, and would like video sessions, there is an option to come to one of our locations and receive video therapy sessions from your vehicle. 

Are all sessions video only? 

No. When you email us to schedule an appointment, let our intake coordinator know whether you prefer video or in-person sessions. Due to very high demand at this time, there are a limited number of in-person evening slots available.

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