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treatment for chronic pain and medical conditions

Living with chronic pain or a medical condition can be challenging, and you don't have to manage it alone. With our treatment approach, we aim to decrease your suffering, improve your quality of life, and provide better management for your condition. Our experienced team integrates health psychology, registered nursing and clinical psychology with evidence-based practices to reduce your experience of pain and provide personalized support throughout your journey.

chronic or recurring pain

Living with chronic or recurring pain can be challenging, and it doesn't have to control your life. Working together with us, you will gain empowerment to accomplish your goals while managing your pain. Coordination with your physician is offered, to explore adjunct treatments and find care that is best for you. Let's work towards making pain a smaller part of your story.

Community Garden
Community Garden

chronic health conditions

Living with chronic health conditions can be overwhelming, whether this is all new or you have been dealing with the condition for a lifetime. We are here to help. Rather than wishing the condition did not exist, we guide you to find ways to embrace life and gain mastery over your condition, so that you can live your life to its fullest potential. By enhancing the effectiveness of your current treatments, we can help you achieve lasting change. 

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