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Dr. Matthew Richmond, Psy.D.
Developmental, Child & Adult Neuropsychologist

Dr. Matt Richmond is a developmental neuropsychologist with more than 20 years' experience evaluating and treating individuals and families impacted by developmental disabilities, chronic medical conditions, and psychiatric disorders. He evaluates and treats patients of all ages.

Dr. Richmond has expertise in the psychosocial and neuropsychological aspects of childhood chronic disease and developmental disabilities affecting individuals and families across the lifespan. He has advanced training in behavioral pediatrics and is an expert in diagnosing and treating people across the lifespan with diverse challenges.

He has extensive experience and specialty advocating for the rights of children with special needs in the school system and provides consultation to families, IEP teams and attorneys working to meet the needs of students with very complex issues.

Dr. Richmond is fluent in Spanish and can provide all testing, assessments, therapy, consultation, and other services in both English and Spanish.

Assessment Services provided by Dr. Richmond

Neuropsychological Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation that includes a clinical interview as well as an assessment of numerous domains and subdomains of brain function. This may include one or more diagnoses, as well as detailed recommendations, and case management to implement any recommendations as appropriate.

Autism Testing
Comprehensive autism assessments can be conducted for children as young as 2 to adults. These evaluations will be conducted using the ADOS, SRS and other measures.
ADHD Testing
Comprehensive ADHD assessments can be conducted for both children and adults. This information can be used to create accommodations for educational needs and testing. 
Learning Disability Testing
Comprehensive assessments using academic measures for both children and adults. Can provide context for children with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. 

Psychoeducational Testing

This may include Independent Educational Evaluation(s) to provide additional information in instances where families, educational attorneys, or school districts may be seeking alternate viewpoints or perspectives on a student's educational or programmatic needs as compared to what the school team may initially find.

Forensic Neuropsycholoigcal Testing

A neuropsychological assessment as described above with the expressed aim of providing objective information in support of any one of a number of legal proceedings or claims, such as workers' compensation cases, personal injury matters, family law issues, immigration cases, and more.

Expert witness testimony may be provided as needed.

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