worrying a lot

feeling overwhelmed 


self injury 

suicidal thoughts or actions 

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) 

recent or past traumatic event 

troubling events 


difficulty focusing 

struggling to find meaning and direction in life

emotions that interfere with decisions or life enjoyment 

managing stress 

struggling with substance use

eating disorders or weight management 

difficult life transitions 

challenges related to being a service member 

changing careers 

yearning for peace over past life experiences 

managing chronic illness or chronic pain 

"speedbumps" in life 

seeking healthier relationships 

care for Caregivers and those caring for multiple generations 

special needs individuals and their families 

concerns unique to Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and their families

In need of an evaluation: pre-surgical, psychological, neuropsychological. 

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Is therapy for me?®Kelly Vinehout, PsyD RN

Woodstock, IL