Do you feel down, depressed, or hopeless?

Do you feel like you’re just not yourself?  Do your favorite things in life just not seem fun or enjoyable anymore?

Many people think that depression is just feeling sad, but many people who experience depression feel numb, “blah,” or hopeless.

Depression can happen to anyone, at any age or stage in life.  There is hope.

Whether you’re going through difficult things in life, or you just feel down for no reason,
we can help.  

Start feeling better, and get your life back.

In therapy, we will use focused techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help you develop and practice skills and techniques that you can use to recover and create a life worth living. 

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  • trouble sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • feeling irritable, or feeling down
  • trouble concentrating at work or school, or on normal daily activities
  • loss of appetite, or eating more than usual
  • not enjoying your favorite activities, or not wanting to be around others
  • feeling fatigued or having less energy than usual

Do these symptoms sound familiar?®Kelly Vinehout, PsyD RN

Woodstock, IL