Board Certified in DBT


What is therapy? 

Our services

Transformation Behavioral Health offers:

-- therapy for families, partners, or individuals,

-- DBT skills classes,

-- Mindfulness training,

-- anxiety management classes,

-- Addictions Recovery program for substance use

-- psychological and   neuropsychological evaluations,

-- pre-surgical evaluations.

-- We treat children, adolescents, adults, and all types of families.

Imagine yourself ...

more in control of your life,
feeling less stressed,

knowing when and how much to trust,

embracing challenges courageously,

having relationships that are fulfilling,

communicating effectively,

handling difficult situations skillfully,

loving yourself for who you are,

balancing responsibilities and self care,

able to enjoy the moment.

Therapy today is all about meeting your goals, learning strategies and new ways to approach everyday and unexpected challenges. Therapy also can provide life-changing benefits for "ordinary" blues, worries, challenging situations, and behaviors you would like to change. Seeking therapy is a sign of strength, resourcefulness, and openness to learning. A therapist will help you get back on track or work with you to stay on track and achieve results.®Kelly Vinehout, PsyD RN

Woodstock, IL